Services for adults with AS

A topic that is discussed often in our community, is the fact that services for adults with Asperger’s are far-few-in-between.  The lack of services are caused by a number of factors:

  • When considering funding for adults, they tend to slip through the cracks because more money, time, and research is dedicated to helping children.
  • It is said that the symptoms of Asperger’s is more prevalent and more easily noticeable in children, than adults.  Once teenagers become adults, they are considered more independent and will ‘figure things out’.
  • When you don’t have many people interesting in helping adult Aspies, organizations aren’t founded, events aren’t held, and awareness is not brought to the table.

It is heavily assumed that when teenagers, that were diagnosed as children, grow up, will grow out of it, or will develop coping mechanisms as they progress forward.  As more adults are becoming diagnosed with AS in later years (some as young as 30, and some as old as their 60s), it is counter-proving the assumption that in your later years you “outgrow it”.

While it is true that Aspies, when diagnosed as children or teenagers can develop plenty of coping mechanisms to help them adapt to the ‘neurotypical world’ that we live in; the ‘wiring’ never changes.  It’s like a computer: Regardless of what kind of case the computer is housed, the core functions still remain the same.

Anyone who has spent any time in the world of psychology, or are a student of psychology knows that in order for people to get treatment for anything, someone has to get involved.  In order for people to get involved (professionally speaking), money has to be spent.

I was recently asked by Lisa, a contributor of the community, to pass along a petition.  Please keep a few things in mind:

  1. Lisa is a parent of a child ‘on the spectrum’; she herself may have AS and not know it; the purpose of our community is to help each other and promote information that could help increase awareness to those who aren’t familiar with AS, or want to know more.
  2. The Facebook page that talks more about her petition is here.  If you require more information, please visit her page and/or contact her.
  3. If you’re living in America and you follow current events, you’ll know that healthcare has become very entwined within politics.  As community moderator, I would ask that you focus more on the needs of those ‘on the spectrum’ and less on the politics involved; remember Asperger’s affects people regardless of where they stand.

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