Social Media

Social media has played a huge role in helping bring the adult Asperger community together.  This entire forum started on Facebook and has now expanded to Twitter.

As of right now, all posts that are made to the Facebook site, are cross-posted to Twitter.  We are on both, to make the networking easier and more flexible.  There are three goals for ASA’s presence on social media:

  1. Promoting awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome in the adult population (18+ years old) and reducing any claims that adults ‘lose AS once they reach adulthood’.
  2. Connecting with Groups and Pages in other states and countries to give them a voice.
  3. Giving adults with AS a group of their own to post their thoughts, life experiences, and potential struggles, in hopes that others in their situation can help, and/or point them in a better direction.

Whether you are an Aspie reading this, or a neurotypical, it is our hope that you will help the mission.  If there’s any questions, please direct them here.


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